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…it all started with a chord in a dressing…..whip 2002



Backstage with Richie Havens, Whip was trying to write a song on  Richie’s D’Tuned guitar and asked Richie for a chord….he glanced over at me and gave me a “chord “ that was like giving a painter a new color and from that emerged over 100 songs…..this is only one of them..but a very special song  I have written and recorded titled "JOIN OUR HANDS".


Whiplashe Tribute song "Join our Hands" is dedicated to ALL who helped and prayed in the World Trade Center disaster September 11, 2001.


Inspiration for the song came from the phrase "light Angels"… Firefighters/Police/Medical Personal that rescued victims and led them to the "light"...the Jewish man who stayed by the side of his crippled friend trapped in his wheel chair...they died together...there is no more than 1 human can do for another than to stay by your fiend’s side when you could have left...amazing stories of workers digging in the rubble for a year with more to be revealed over the next few years..and all I can say is "thank you " to all the ‘Light Angels’ and heroes!


Listen to the song here!


The Twin Towers represented "Dreams and Hopes" of all Americans in and out of the Financial Community.



Peace to all!


whip 2001




There is an MP3 for immediate preview or download at

Cd is available on request!


I was hoping to have this powerful song or part of it used as a sound-bed.

It would prove to be very effective under visual footage....

Thanks you.



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